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Euro crisis: Now Spain struggles

The Euro is not yet about to come to a rest as it seems. Now Spain has shown
signs that their biggest bank “Bankia” is in need of approximately 20 billion
Euros to haul all the desolate hypothecary credits it has issued in the past.
On the other hand: Thousands of angry “home owners” who will loose home.

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Facebook and the stock market

What a bitter pill to swallow for Mark Zuckerberg: His company has lost one
quarter of it’s value in only one week. The stock is currently dealt at
approx 29 USD per share. which is only 73% of the initial value. The stock
share has been dealt at 38 USD when being issued last week. It was historic.

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Don’t do this with a stolen iPhone!

iPhone-thefts are as old as the iPhone itself. Steve Job’s breakthrough on the
smartphone market introduced a smartphone with touchscreen and arose
the other manufacturers to issue their new gadgets with touchscreen also.
With the release of iCloud however, iPhone theft got more difficult for thieves.

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Stuxnet not as dangerous as Flame

It seems as if Stuxnet is not the only dangerous computer virus out there. This
little fella may spy on your privacy in a big way. It’s name: Flame. As Kaspersky
stated, this virus can enable logging of your chats and audiosessiony with ease.
This way, a possible attacker may record ALL of your activities unnoticed.

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A new business: Cell phone garage

Garage for WHAT you may ask? Yes, you read right. As there’s an official cell
phone prohibition in public schools of New York, pupils can store their cellphone
in one of the mobile storage units which stay at a certain spot when the first
cellphone is handed in. Although the controls at the school gates are more hard…

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Things you don’t do…

Maybe it sounds funny when you go to a wash saloon and read a sign, saying
“Junior Wash – $2.95” – Especially when you have your kid with you. But I
don’t think it’s a wise idea to put the kid into the washing machine just for a
joke. Alone because the machine is auto-starting when you close the door.

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Diablo III: The problems

It seems as if the troubles around Diablo III aren’t going to stop. Have recent
logon problems already gone for good, there’s the next issue upcoming. More
and more people are reporting their skilled and hard-played characters to be
stripped down (=their account being hacked) without having any clue, why!

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What happens when money defeats brain?

This question is easily answered: You don’t know what you do and how things
turn into weapons if improperly used. In Singapore a taxi driver and a taxi
user have died in a horrible but also spectacular crash. The driver, a young
rich chinesse guy totaled his rare Ferrari 599 GT… and lost his life too!

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When a house moves…

As you may have noticed already, I am also blogging about great technical
achievements. The one I am posting about right now is one of such. In this
case an old building at Zurich main station has to be moved by 60 metres to
make room for more tracks to the main station. This timelapse shows the…

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Japan’s tallest building open for public

Tokio now has the second biggest tower in the world! The Sky Tree which
opened its Gates to the public has a total height of 634 metres. However the
observation decks aren’t the highest yet. At 300 and 400m the Sky Tree has
its observation decks. The Toronto CN Tower has them at 357 and 447m!

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Facebook and the stock markets

So finally facebook is at the NYSE and thus available for stock marketing.
While the shares have been dealt for 43USDĀ  at the beginning, the shares
later fell back to their issue price of 38USD. So no exploding start for
Marc Zuckerberg and his social network, whose stock start should be great.

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Diablo III: Diablo down!

After several deaths and frustrating champion mob groups, I decided to join
a random group in order to do Diablo. Even with L4 this foe is a real hard nut
to crack. You’ll need lots of tactics to beat him. So if you’re less than L36,
don’t even think about facing Diablo! You won’t survive this challenge!

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Diablo III: Heaven calls!

Act III was really challenging. Died several times due to the big number of
mobs rusing towards me. However the Boss was quite easy to slay. Liked the
tower levels where you fight your way towards the boss. The big tortured
creatures… just scaring. The atmosphere: demonic and mystic!

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Diablo III: Travelling along with friends…

So the game develops an interesting taste when you move along with friends
decimating the numerous foes that follow you and stop you from reaching
Diablo. But it’s not as easy as usual. The foes get stronger with each party
member that joins your game. So no more standalone-bashing.

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Diablo III: When the desert calls…

So there we are: Act II – Into the desert. Gosh, how I remember my ways
from Lut Gholein back and forth. Memories… ;) – The Skeleton King was not as
difficult as the Butcher who slained a good friend of mine and me… several
times. Can be annoying especially when you take the boss down to 10% of life.

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Diablo III: First impressions

So… the first quests have been played and one thing to say: It’s a nice scenery
to run through and the fights are sort of… challenging. Especially when you
meet some champions which have ways more HP and additional enchants
that make them more resistent against you or even grill your char in no time!

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