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Stuxnet not as dangerous as Flame

It seems as if Stuxnet is not the only dangerous computer virus out there. This
little fella may spy on your privacy in a big way. It’s name: Flame. As Kaspersky
stated, this virus can enable logging of your chats and audiosessiony with ease.
This way, a possible attacker may record ALL of your activities unnoticed.

According to some researches, the virus is already active for 5 years now. But there’s no actual number how many computers are affected to date and where.

Maybe things are eaten hotter than cooked but one can’t be sure either. Still it’s hard to know that there seem to be many virae out there yet undetected or not defendable by actual virus scanners.

However the question is: Who is an obvious target of such hackers using Flame on them?

And another question: Stuxnet is for industry spying and written to affect automation software such as from Siemens often used in nuclear waste facilities and probably older nuclear power plants.
Of which genre is Flame to assign to?

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