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Don’t do this with a stolen iPhone!

iPhone-thefts are as old as the iPhone itself. Steve Job’s breakthrough on the
smartphone market introduced a smartphone with touchscreen and arose
the other manufacturers to issue their new gadgets with touchscreen also.
With the release of iCloud however, iPhone theft got more difficult for thieves.

Mechanisms like tracking and “Locate my iPhone” are one of these features, thieves are fearing the most. Of course not all thieves are as stupid as the one I am blogging about now.

In this case, a crew member of an ocean cruiser has stolen the iPhone of a young woman who happened to use the iCloud-Feature excessively. The result is that the thief used the phone several times without prior checking if the Sync-function of the iPhone with the iCloud is still active. So the young woman had all of his taken pics on her iCloud-Account as well.

She did not hesitate diffaming the thief on facebook and started a new picture album called “This man has stolen my iPhone”. In it, the woman placed all pictures, the thief has taken.

After the captain of the ship got informed about that, the ocean carrier took instant action and laid the crew member off duty.

I gues this crew member learned two things today: Hate facebook and never steal a cloud-connected smartphone (in this case: No android-device and no iDevice)!

Update (May 30th):

The picture album is no longer available.

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