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Facebook and the stock market

What a bitter pill to swallow for Mark Zuckerberg: His company has lost one
quarter of it’s value in only one week. The stock is currently dealt at
approx 29 USD per share. which is only 73% of the initial value. The stock
share has been dealt at 38 USD when being issued last week. It was historic.

But as historic the stock at the NASDAQ was, as historic the current losses are. And I guess, many stockholders have itchy fingers, selling their facebook shares as well. Whatever the stock does right, now, the impact may be hefty. Should the stock regain strength, the purchases may come in again and rise the value of facebook. if the shares continue to fall, the big sell tsunami may follow and swallow the facebook enthusiasm in total resulting in an immense value loss of almost 100 Billion USD. That’s hefty!

So this week may probably make decision on the ongoing future of facebook and it’s stockmarket debute.

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