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Diablo III: Diablo down!

After several deaths and frustrating champion mob groups, I decided to join
a random group in order to do Diablo. Even with L4 this foe is a real hard nut
to crack. You’ll need lots of tactics to beat him. So if you’re less than L36,
don’t even think about facing Diablo! You won’t survive this challenge!

In the morning at 3a.m. I finally beat Diablo. Was a real hard fight but 4 players, one at L38 did a lot of damage. No problems then. So nightmare is the true thing to go for now ^^

I found myself falling asleep at 5a.m. and in Act II nightmare. Gheez. This is really hard to play. the foes get harder to kill and with some really nasty enchants they take you down very fast. Have never seen my life globe fade to transparent so quickly…. following an instant death…

Later that day I decided to play WoW with my friend and to finish our chars at L85.

At current, we’re halfway thru with L84 and only 4 million more XP to go… should be a piece of cake anyway…

What an expanded weekend ^^

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