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Facebook and the stock markets

So finally facebook is at the NYSE and thus available for stock marketing.
While the shares have been dealt for 43USD  at the beginning, the shares
later fell back to their issue price of 38USD. So no exploding start for
Marc Zuckerberg and his social network, whose stock start should be great.

The question is, if  facebook can hold up it’s set course and improve their value to the stockholders. Another problem might be if Zynga&Co. will still be able to produce “content” for all the facebook members. Also facebook is looking for more ad partners. maybe there will be a “paid” facebook that does not bother the user with ad banners and the like.

I think, the next 6 months will show up if facebook has the power to succeed or not. If not, this will be another big bubble that bursts. And with it, millions of dollars from dreaming stockholders to become rich one day…

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