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When a house moves…

As you may have noticed already, I am also blogging about great technical
achievements. The one I am posting about right now is one of such. In this
case an old building at Zurich main station has to be moved by 60 metres to
make room for more tracks to the main station. This timelapse shows the…

entire progress from 2 days where 19 men have moved a 6200 tons weighted house centimetre by centimetre to it’s new destination within 19 hours. Amazing how a building this large can still be moved in one piece. Facts about the building: 80 metres long and 12 metres deep and approx 10 metres tall.

The swiss company ITEN AG that is specialized in building-movement itself has stated that this project was the biggest so far eventhough they have already moved 400 approx. buildings.

The movement has been fulfilled using underlying tracks and the building being put on rolls. Huge hydraulic systems have then pusehd the building forward 5mm per second while one step is 60cm until the hydraulic systems have to be re-aligned to do the next 60cm.

20 Minuten has done an impressive Timelapse showing the whole process (article).

(video is courtesy of 20 Minuten online)

(video is courtesy of Franziska Spörri and David Zumbach)

For all those who want to know what has been done and what’s still ahead:

(video is courtesy of Swiss Prime Site and ITEN AG)

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