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Furious start of Diablo III

Sanctuaria is open to everybody. Since midnight (european time) you can
officially log on to the game server and play Diablo III. Since yesterday 5pm
the installer no longer refused to install. The installation of the game took a
mere 30 minutes on a classic notebook and 10 minutes on a highend system.

The logon was stalled since startoff (expected!) but soon worked (at 1am I could create my character). So Blizzard did everything right to “serve” the masses with probably the most expected Hack’n’Slay up to date. And what shall I say… I am also looking forward to slay my way thru New Tristram and all the upcoming areas.

15 years after Diablo II, the sequel may continue the story where it has left last time. Believe it, or not,  Diablo II has been played for 15 years with much enthusiasm and I believe that there are still classic players who remember the glorious areals like Mt. Arreat, Lut Gholein and other dark spots. Diablo II is/was what you call a superstar of a game (genre). There are big thanks flying out toBlizzard to watch the servers mostly running without any glitches!

And while you had severe trouble logging into Diablo II – LoD when it came out, The login to Diablo III went smoothly after the first logon wave (the ones who start nagging the servers upon go live time!) approx. one hour later. My Char is set up by now and awaits being played as soon as possible.

Diablo III has big shoes to fill!

Will it succeed? Nobody knows for sure but I’ll post some screenshots from ingame as soon as I have time to do likewise ^^

But one thing is for sure. As our society is living on the fast lane (with constant accelleration) it’s doubtful, that Diablo III will also pass 15 years… unless Blizzard has already ideas for expansions…


Interesting stories from Germany. In berlin, the markets have been rushed like hell (what a word puzzle!) and fans have built a line of 200 metres in order to gather a copy. Gheez. Luckily I got mine via the annual game pass for WoW which is of corse a real bargain. As I also play WoW, it’s just a logical step to do so.

Some people say that solo play is smoothly working while building parties seems a bit complex by now…

Let’s see how it’ll work later on when I return home…

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