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Security issues with WhatsApp

It seems as if WhatsApp Has also attracted the attention of hackers. An
Android App called WhatsApp Sniffer allows tapping of conversations
between users on the same network as the hacker is on with his device.
Google has already put down the App from the AppMarket.

Yet the .apk is still downloadable from various homepages. So if you’re offered access to an open WLAN, you’d better not use WhatsApp in there as you might be spied on. Using ARP spoofing, all the incoming and outgoing recognized messages are routed thru the hacking smartphone. The Tool itself is like a messaging window. So spying on someone is as simple as a fingertap!

This, however might be a warning shot for WhatsApp to secure communication as currently all chats are transmitted without ANY encryption meaning that everything sent to and from WhatsApp is clearly visible!

As for now, you’d better not post any passwords, PINs and the like of sensitive data over WhatsApp…

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