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The best smartphone ever and Siri

When it comes to Siri, you remember the iPhone 4S introducing this feature.
You can ask Siri any question and most of them are adequately answered.
The question about “Will you marry me” for example is being answered with
“Sorry, but my Terms of use do not cover marriage”.

Other popular questions are “Where can I hide corpses” when she replies with “I can show you locations of Dumps, Reservoirs, Cement factories…”

Of course there is also the Question “What is the best smartphone ever” and Siri used to answer you “The one you are using right now”.

However Siri has got a new search engine in the Backend (Wolfram Alpha) and the question is now answered with “Nokia Lumia 900”

So one who brings up the question about the best smartphone ever might be puzzled to read that it is no longer the one he is using right now but furthermore the smartphone from Archrival Nokia.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows Phone 7 based smartphone and thus not everybody’s darling. Although there are lots of good reviews about the phone.

But why this reply? The search engine forks thru the eb and customer reviews and based on these, Siri is fed the information to speak it to the iPhone user.

Funny to see that even the legendary iPhone thinks that it isn’t the best smartphone any longer. And Steve Jobs would have turned thrice in his grave to get such a reply from his “child”

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