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Diablo III: The problems

It seems as if the troubles around Diablo III aren’t going to stop. Have recent
logon problems already gone for good, there’s the next issue upcoming. More
and more people are reporting their skilled and hard-played characters to be
stripped down (=their account being hacked) without having any clue, why!

There are multiple rumors around right now:

1. An old java runtime toolkit (<= 6.0.23) is said to be one source for the problems. However this isn’t yet fully confirmed and thus must be considered as potential leak and this being fixed by each user him-/herself.

2. The Launcher (the little tool that launches Diablo III, checks for updates in the background and keeps you up to date) is said to be another leak source but this is completely unconfirmed so being regarded as least real leak source.

3. This leak appears to affect people who have recently exposed their game to public and have seen ominous players joining their game. A possibility to capture the game session ID shall be the leak where a hacker shall be able to gain access to your account and thus being able to steal items from your character. If users using an authenticator (a RSA-token or the smartphone-based version of it) are affected is neither denied nor confirmed. So it’s not a bad idea to carefully watch the account and ANY modifications to it if applies.

The real money auction house is currently dated to start on June 13rd, 2012 yet this date is unsure. I doubt that the real money auction house will be available to that date.

All in all Diablo III is still a good game but it’s hype has brought some hackers to plan. Unfortunately…

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