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Let’s review some Apps…(1)

The idea for this blog entry is based on Rosiv’s blog. His Blog entry deals with his
installed apps. So I’ll show you what runs on mine. Maybe there’s some App you
haven’t discovered yet and find useful for your convenience. This collection has
been built up after one year of iPhone 4 usage. Some are good, some are okay…

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Nokia on the way to 41 megapixels

Has Nokia changed it’s business and produces cameras now, you wonder? Not
likely! We talk here about an ordinary smartphone with Symbian Belle and a
Zeiss optics lens that should help producing pictures at a nominal resolution
of 38 MPixels (7152 × 5368) with an image sensor of total 41 MPixels.

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Touchdo… wiggle – wiggle… CRACK!

Now THIS is something you don’t see often: It seems as if an initially
successful heli landing has turned into a real nightmare for the pilots. When
the wheeliebird touched ground, the unbalance of the slowing-down blades
suddenly began to shake the whole helicopter until it fell apart like lego…

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And the Oscar goes to…

So there it is… the Oscar night, where certain proms are presenting the stars of
2012. So what’s so special about the oscar that in Europe people are staying up
till 6am and taking a day off from work? In the USA the Oscar Night in the Kodak
Theatre in L.A. is certainly the most-awaited event every year.

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Why Website printouts are useful

Ever wondered why people print out websites? No? Even I had doubts but ever more I can
understand people who print out certain websites as in today’s times it gets more and more
difficult to find specific content. Best example which led me into frustration: I was searching for
a walkthrough guide on Kid Icarus 3D Classics on the 3DS. No problem, you say? JFGI?

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The financial markets again…

So while the financial markets have calmed down since August 2010 when the
swiss national bank has taken action to support the Euro’s stability by putting
the reference exchange value to 1.20 CHF, it seems that new black clouds are
coming ahead to us. The dollar is going to crack the 90Rp.-barrier…

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TGIF – Or: Why friday makes me smile

In fact this weekend’s special in Bern as the Berner Fasnacht has begun yesterday. The
traditional fair that changes the lower and upper old town of Bern into one party area
is every year. With Basel and Lucerne having the biggest “Fasnacht” carnival, Bern has
the third-biggest fasnacht Time to celebrate and go a little crazy then!

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World of Warcraft – A recall!

Today I am posting a FollowUp on Rosiv’s blog, where he wrote about his
experience. The reason why? because I started playing WoW thru him. Funny
Story anyways. Up to date I was not that keen on playing MMORPGs and
mostly played games such as SimCity 4, Diablo 2 and Command&Conquer.

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The iPad 3 – new Specs leaked?

It seems as if the iPad 3 is about to hit the stores soon.Some rumors specify March
7th as the magic date, others say that it will be released in autumn 2012. So what’s
to expect? Most of the users expect the pad to have a retina display. This, because
all the new Android tablets have upgraded and come with a FullHD-Display.

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Why Mooses are very useful…

Mooses have been set in conjunction with track-instabile cars, like the first mercedes
A-class that couldn’t pass the Elk-test (a special road test with sharp curves). Mooses
are also put in the position of wrecking cars, especially when you collide with them.
In this case, the moose tried to test it’s Mechanic Skills –  and was successful.

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Let’s tweet posts again, shall we?

After having completed all steps to use a newer (and probably more functional)
Wordpress to Twitter sending plugin, it should be that my Tweets now should
show all my posts, I post from now on. Hopefully this will work in any manner
and help you using my blog from Twitter also. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Twitter, WordPress and OAuth

Three things that don’t like each other. Usually I liked the feature to tweet my newest posts
on my twitter account as well. However with the advanced authentication methods, Twitter
uses, it seems that WordPress gets confused and throwing all kinds of errors at you and
even worse: Not tweeting anything in your name.

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Love it hot? Here we go!

Seems as if Bhut Jolokia isn’t the spiciest Chili anymore. A new sort of chili pepper has
entered the platform and raising the average Scovile hotness from 1 million Scoville
(Bhut Jolokia) to a whopping and burning 1.2 million Scoville. Even the hottest of these
outwit Bhut Jolokia (1.45 million scoville) and raise the level to 2 million Scoville.

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Unhealthy fat food and menus

Ever thought, that McDonalds is unhealthy? It sure can be. If you continue
consuming fast food for a prolonged time your health might severly suffer from
this and result in fat liver and other unhealthy conditions such as tension to
heart attacks, obesity, high cholesterol in blood and other diseases.

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Well… Apple has named it’s next OS

Seems that the newest OS of Apple will be called “Mountain Lion”. After “Snow lepard” it’s a
logic sequence. Seems Apple has been into felines recently if you look at the naming of all
OSX versions. But hey, it’s only creative I think, especially when you look up the
codenames for Windows: XP=Whistler, Vista=Longhorn, Seven=Vienna.

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Chilling saturday…

Something to do on weekends when not being stressed out at maximum? Chilling for
example or doing housekeeping stuff. Or maybe also meeting familiy/friends? Well,
whatever the decision is of what to do, one could be grateful if he gets the chance to do so.
Time will get more valuable each day passes by. Had to notice it myself…

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