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Biking in Bristol is dangerous!

You may wonder why I say this but on my favourite newsportal I found a really
shocking video that shows, how rude a busdriver can be. So better think twice
if you stall a buss behind you. You might end up like the guy in the video shown.
The bus chauffeur of course lost his job when his boss saw the video.

The video clearly shows that the bus driver overtakes the biker but then instantly drags back to the lane  hitting the biker so hard that the biker was flying several metres thru the air braking his leg and hand. He had to be cured for two weeks in hospital. The bus driver got fired and now got confined for 17 months custody as he was spoken guilty in using his bus as a weapon and intendedly using his vehicle against a much weaker participant of the traffic.

CCTV is maybe not bad in certain situations because the bus driver got caught by one of the 5 million installed CCTV cams in UK.

Watch the unbelievable video here:

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