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TGIF – Or: Why friday makes me smile

In fact this weekend’s special in Bern as the Berner Fasnacht has begun yesterday. The
traditional fair that changes the lower and upper old town of Bern into one party area
is every year. With Basel and Lucerne having the biggest “Fasnacht” carnival, Bern has
the third-biggest fasnacht Time to celebrate and go a little crazy then!

So what’s Carnival to Rio or Cologne, that’s Fasnacht to Bern. It’s the only three days in the year where you’d better not live in the old town of Bern as there is party from morning to evening and almost all night. The traditional fair is beginning with the release of the Berner Mutzen (bear) that has been put to wintersleep by locking it up in the Käfigturm at November 11th of the previous year.

So for me it’ll bee some time on the road and participate the spectacle that’s filling the old town of Bern with life from Thursday to saturday.

There’s also an english wikipedia page on Carnival in Bern.

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