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Nokia on the way to 41 megapixels

Has Nokia changed it’s business and produces cameras now, you wonder? Not
likely! We talk here about an ordinary smartphone with Symbian Belle and a
Zeiss optics lens that should help producing pictures at a nominal resolution
of 38 MPixels (7152 × 5368) with an image sensor of total 41 MPixels.

So what’s inside? uncommon to most compact cameras and cell phone cameras, the sensor size is 1/1,2″ (10.7×7.5mm) with a pixel size of 1.4 micron.

The pixel dimensions of the images are calculated using an image circle that tries to cover the sensor well with both formats 16:9/4:3.

Be careful if you read my blog on a cell phone or smartphone. The following file sizes are tremendous and probably not suitable for your price plan. So better not open the following images when you’re on your smartphone!

So while the sensor has 41 MPixels, the image at maximum has still a whopping 38 MPixels. not bad for a cell phone anyway. Nokia promises good scaledown possibilities if the shot images and even good photo performance in darker environments. An extra xenon flash shall help improving lighting the scenery when it’s dark. Although it’s power-draining and not always the best solution, xenon flashes still proove to be better than LED flashes. Both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. When looking at the (unretouched!) images, it seems, Nokia did quite a good job:

(click on the image to load the 13MB(!) image at full resolution
yet I recommend right-click -> Save as… and watch with your image viewer!)
This image is shot in 16:9 mode – 7728×4354 pixels

(click on the image to load the 11MB(!) image at full resolution
yet I recommend right-click -> Save as… and watch with your image viewer!)
This image is shot in 4:3 mode using macro – 7152×5368 pixels

(click on the image to load the 9MB(!) image at full resolution
yet I recommend right-click -> Save as… and watch with your image viewer!)
This image is shot in 16:9 mode (portrait) – 5368×7152 pixels

It’s impressive how good the image quality is of such a small device. Not even compact cameras can offer better quality images! Of course the chromatic aberrations and the blurriness in the corners are issues almost every camera in compact size has to deal with! Also the Pureview isn’t resistent against that. But hey, we’re talking about pictures from a cell phone here!!! What impresses me most is the good macro option, the phone obviously has to offer! Although Nokia does not have the leadership anymore in the cell phone market, the current models are still of good quality and Symbian appears not yet to be at the end of the road. It still seems to perform well in conjuction with the actual hardware. So why put a working MobileOS to sleep?

So now you may ask how the phone looks like:

Of course, Nokia has put a website online for the phoine that shall be available to us in Q2 2012 for a hefty 630 euros:
Nokia 808 PureView microsite

The specs read fine and show up modern components and tech specs:

FullHD video capture @30fps
Zeiss Optic lens
41MP image sensor
Xenon flashlight
all modern 3G standards except LTE
all modern WLAN standards
good stamina times
Corning Gorilla glass (which is also used by Apple’s iPhone and other cell phones as well)
Capacitive 4″ screen
16GB internal memory (average, not outrageous)
32GB microSDHC cards compatible

It also comes in three flavours for those who hate white that can quickly show up sticky dirty fingerprints or other dirt grease on the cover:

It looks a bit bulky due to it’s optic component, no doubts here, but there’s nothing great without compromises. You still can’t expect good image quality out of a 8mm thin body. that’s yet impossible!

The design yet looks sleek and modern. If the OS works without flaws and the camera without greater glitches, this cell phone might become a gadget like some sony-Ericcson cell phones that were a mix of camera and cell phone together.

I guess, the compact camera manufacturers might not be that happy to see their cameras being replaced by a cell phone.

In my opinion Nokia still has potential to be a good cell phone manufacturer. But they have missed lots of good chanches to stay no.1 on the cell phone market. The Nokia E90 was the last smartphone I used. After that, it became an iPhone 4. Nevertheles I have “grown up” with Nokia and they often convinced me with functionality! Maybe this is one of the phones I’d like to have as a secondary phone? Who knows. Until my next contract expansion is due, there will be lots of water run down the Aare…

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