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Hurricane Irene at the east coast of USA

While news have spread the word, a hurricane is on it’s way to the upper east coast of
the USA. They say that the storm is a category 3 storm that may also reach category 4.
With 1300 km diameter (that’s pretty large if you ask me!) it is also dangerous to a large
area. Well… in New York and New Jersey, there’s big evacuation and alert!

In it’s long history, the New York subway has never been shut down for a long time. This time, the New York Transport Authority (MTA) has decided to shut down the entire mass transportation system for the duration of the storm. So no buses ans subways are running then!

Imagine the amount of money that is lost alone to this action…

Update as of August 29th:

It seems that the weather is sunny and all of the storm is gone again. the MTA has resumed it’s standard schedule.

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