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Gasoline Sales promoted?

Today I was shocked to see that gas station keepers may receive bonuses by selling
gasoline at the highest possible prices possible. With this, automobilists might run
into a more and more competition-driven price for gasoline as gasoline station keepers
may chage the prices theirselves. The higher, the more bonuses they receive

Is gasoline already very expensive and a market item that is speculation-sensitive (as raw Oil like Brent Crude and WTI are stock market listed!), prices may differ more and grow into unseen heights, if gas station keepers may adapt the prices by theirselves!

In earlier times, gasoline prices have been changed 40 times a year! In 2010, with 169 changes the rate has been changed up by 300%!

The german departement of economy is carefully watching Aral/BP as they are the first Company to set up the new promotion mode!
They fear that other gasoline companies may switch to the same promotion mode aswell and thus start the price war!

But in this case, the customer is the only loser!

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