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New game discovered: EVE Online

Usually it is very hard to convince me of a game. especially those type of game
where you pay on a monthly subscribe fee like World of Warcraft… but with the
advice of a good friend of mine who invited me to a 21 days trial, I finally
decided to upgrade my account to a paid subscription one.

What led me doing this, you may ask?

Listen to one of my favourite ingame music tracks and decide for yourself when you think about entering the endless space… and reading my article and initial impression of the game.

[player id=7816]

The music is courtesy of EVE Online, CCP: JON Hallur!

The game is addictive, that’s for sure and it may outwit WoW also. But when playing EVE Online, don’t expect a Click’n’Work game!

It is not a simple shooter or simulation game where you do basic stuuf. In this game you really plan your missions and explore outer space.

Furthermore it is really astounding that this game runs on ONE(!) single server where at top times 50.000 users are simultaneously online!

You need to take lots of time to understand the basics of the game! And playing the tutorials in it, is mandatory if you don’t want to get frustrated because the UI may contain up to 10 windows at the same time. But once you get used to the interface and the in-game commands, you will find yourself in spending hours in the game. It is addictive and I like games that can attract you for hours to your computer….

Compared to WoW you don’t have to play the game actively to advance in Skills. You plan your skill tree approx. 40h in advance and within this time when you’re offline, your character still advances.

The graphics are really good. Not overloaded and bloated so you may even play the game on a decent netbook.

I’ll upload some screenshots also by time. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the music and when you want to experience the far width of space and the complexity of a real good game, then ask me to invite you for a 21 days free trial!

I wouldn’t do this if a game wouldn’t convince me… but EVE Online does!!!

Thanks fly out to Alain who introduced me to this game!

Thank you, pal!

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