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Crazy weather…

Just 2 days ago I juiced out at 34 °C barely knowing how to cool down except to take a cold
shower or drink cold water and today the news spread that temperatures may fall by 20 °C
that also leads to snowfalls in the more exponented areas such as mountain passes or higher
situated villages such as Davos for example.

Okay, the temperatore fall may be temporary, yet it can be very hard for someone who is used to summer-like weather and the next day he must shovel his car free as there was a mass of snow coming down overnight…

As my weather forecast program says, temperatures may fall down to 2 °C upon night, what is merly 2 degrees above freezing! and this to the midst of summer!

Okay, the two big tunderstorms with hail and lots of rain have already made their debute and thus one should be warned, that the weather’s going to change to the uncomfortable side!

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