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Upcoming: A new fight with Apple?

Well… maybe you’ve already read about it or heard of: Apple has just filed for
patents of 3D gestures for a device to be steered with. Today I was astounded
to see that a rather unknown manufacturer of cell phones has released a final
version of a 3D gesture-controlled cell phone. Looks great so far!

Yet I doubt that Pantech will ever make it overseas into Europe or let alone the USA! Why? Well, have you recently followed all the lawsuits, Apple is forcing against any competitors?

Interesting to see that a small manufacturer also has innovations to present and the phone specs are reading fine:

Pantech Vega LTE
1.5GHz dualcore processor
16 GB internal flash memory (upgradeable with microSD(XC?) )
8MP rear camera (1080p video capability)
1.3MP front camera (also for registering the gestures via EyeSight software)
4.5in display with 1280×800 resolution (16.7M colors)
1.830 mAh battery
Comes with Android 2.3
Ready for 4G standard (LTE)
Ready for Near-Field Communication (RFID/NFC)

It looks real modern and has everything onboard, a modern cell phone should have.

Now coming back to the main feature this phone has to offer. You can use the EyeSight software to customize gestures to control your Vega LTE with. So while you’re working in the kitchen and your hands are smeary, you’d rather not touch the display. So how to pic up a phone call then? Right. Define a gesture (let’s say, right swipe with the hand) for picking up an incoming call and activate handsfree mode on the speaker. Sounds rather futuristic and too good to believe, huh? Then watch the following video:

Okay. So you think, that’s a real competitor for the iPhone 4S?

Yes, me too! Unfortunately the phone is yet only available to South Korea. So what’s the danger then with Apple you may ask?

Well… funny thing, Apple just has filed for a patent on 3D gestures. And there are detailed informations about this on

So my question is: When did Apple ACTUALLY file for the patent when there are already detailed schemes available? Or did Apple conceal anything about it to make it a surprising feature for an upcoming iPad 3 / iPhone 5? No one knows for sure. But if Pantech has filed for such a patent earlier, then Apple can no longer file for a similar patent, as Pantech already has published a WORKING device.

So I suppose: While Apple has all time working on such a project, Pantech was just quicker and with the Pantech Vega LTE they already say to Apple: “Shove it! – We’ve already done that!”

On the other hand I think, Apple is just relying on some ominous patents that have been probably made in the early 90’s of the last century and are now again being forked out by Apple in order to sue the ass out of Pantech.

However in this case I hope, Pantech can score as this feature brings us one step closer to i.e. Minority Report:

And if that comes true, then probably many peripheral manufacturers such as Logitech, Cherry, and other input device companies will face rough times then!

At least I expect an interesting fight with Apple as Apple will face a real big loss of it’s patent when things are true that Pantech has already filed for such a patent.

But hey, it’s Apple. They just conceal someting and if someone else brings out a WORKING device while Apple is still working on it, then the lawsuit department of theirs step into action and sue the competitor who dared to bring out a working device into bankruptcy. Sad, but that’s the way how Apple has mostly put down it’s historical “enemies” in the past except those who are almost as big as Apple itself.

Namely Microsoft with Windows and Samsung with the most actual case

Read more: Apple vs. Samsung

And Samsung is not the only one Apple is currently filing lawsuits on! I wonder when this madness is going to stop!


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