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Samsung vs. iPhone 4S

Ouch! This really hurts! Seems as if Samsung now reacts on Apple’s denial to
Samsung’s offer to agree in the lawsuit iPad2 vs Galaxy Tab 10.1
Samsung now tries to stop the sale of the new iPhone 4S unfurled yesterday.
Should Samsung be successful, it could hurt Apple a lot! Target: Christmas sale

So it seems that also Apple has to take the bitter pill, as Samsung tried to offer Apple a lucrative offer to solve the issue with the sale stop of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung hereby stands to the point that Apple is violating three patents that deal with wireless transmission over 3G. If so, all iPhones and the iPad 3G models are affected hereby. It is not foreseeable what a sale ban would result in but if so, maybe all the interesting and asked gadgets from Apple could at least not be available for 2 to 3 months! An immense loss to Apple anyways, as it would fall into the christmas sale time where obviously most of the business is made!

So round 5 is opened, after round 4 has been silently fought and put Samsung in the corner. Let’s see what Apple will do in round 5…

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