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Firefox goes 9… and goes Tablet!

Okay, Mozilla Firefox is currently known to be the second Google Chrome
concerning release speed of major releases… While I have just posted that
Firefox 7 is released and 8 is currently in beta status, Mozilla seems to work
on the next version also. The new things? Tablet support! Sounds great!

Okay, it is quite annoying to read about a myjor release of Firefox now every month at least but hey, Chrome is already at version 14, so what gives?

Other browsers’ major releases are now also more often released. IE10 is already in progress and Opera has just released the Beta of version 12.

Only Safari is at version 6 at most So what gives anyways. Interesting to see that the big cats in the alley are playing with 2-digit major versions while Firefox is “only” at version 9. However Mozilla has sped up their pace to release new major releases. So I wouldn’t be too surprised when we are at version 13 at the end of 2012… hmm… Should I be very pessimistic? 20.12.2012 (Mayan calendar ends here), Version 13 (common unlucky number).

Well, back to the topic: So what is so special about Version 9 of FF?

At first the have increased the Javascript Engine much more again and is supposed to speed up by 30 to 40 % against FF8.

The next thing is the all-new user interface that provides support for Tablet PCs and smartphones as well. So maybe Mozilla thinks: One fits all.

The only thing I hope is, that FF won’t consume so much memory as it does on PC, where 4 tabs in FF6 will inevitably consume 200 MB of RAM and probably more. (by the way: With 3 open tabs at the moment and writing this blog, my FF6 consumes roughly 365 MB(!) while IE9 just consumes about 37 MB where each tab appears to have it’s own process. Quo vadis, Firefox?

Let’s see what the next versions (7 and 8) will bring up and how Mozilla plans to bring down the enormous memory demand. On tablets there’s not so much RAM available to spam it with only one browser instance!

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