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Samsung vs. Apple – second serving

POW! Samsung has given second serving to Apple. It seems as if Samsung also
plans to prohibit the sale of the upcoming iPhone 5 in Europe also. Basis of the
sale prohibition is still the violation of wireless technologypatents Samsung is
holding. If a sale prohibition would actually come true, iPhone 5 may delay!

The sale start for the iPhone 5 is forecasted for September 30th or October 15th – which is in the not-so-distant future. Not much time to make Samsung’s lawsuit against Apple come true.

However this fight is getting ridiculous more and more. In my opinion it drags down the image of both companies and will delay new tech to customers unnecessarily. Maybe the chance for other companies to publish their new gadgets while the two big ones are throwing sand into each other’s eyes!

Upon requests from many news portals the lawsuit request from Samsung against Apple in Europe is not yet commented!

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