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April’s fool? Are we 2 months late?

Reading my favourite computer tech site today, I stumbled over a really interesting article
that made me also think about the current world situation.
As wars are currently striking on Libya, Syria and some other african countries, the
following linked article made me really thinking and also brought up some uncomfyness!

Read the article here: (german only)

Did I read right?

The USA wants to declare war on everyone who tries to hack their networks? OMFG! If that’s true what they say, then almost half of the world will be at war!
Not that I am THAT schizo, but imagine alone Russia and China being two REALLY big countries the USA wants to declare war on as these two countries have a high hacker’s activity.

Not to frighten you anyways bit Germany with it’s legendary CCC (Chaos Computer Club) could be also one of the hatred list of the USA.

However if China or Russia do one little bitty cough, the USA could be completely gone from the world map… not to mention that these two countries have access to a real large army…

If it would really come to such an eclat upon a hacking attempt is to doubt as it is not yet known what counts as a hacking attempt of such severity to declare war on the executing country!

It is also known that you have madmen all around the world that could stress the diplomacy between USA and the other countries to the max so I hope they really don’t mean that for sure what they’re exposing to the media.

Let’s hope it is a 2 months late april’s fool gag…

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