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What modern life brought us to!

later today I stumbled upon another, rather disgusting picture in our local newspaper.
I thought, what the heck is this??? And I decided to read the linked blog…
What I’ve seen there was really disgusting and I only thought: Hopefully they’re not going
to bring such food to Europe…

Following that link:

I could hardly believe what I was seeing there.

If you ever thought, worms-in-a-can or other insects are disgusting, you gotta look at this.

Only do this if you’ve got a strong stomach. I myself nearly had to barf when seeing this! Believe me: The only way I am going to prepare a chicken is a deep-frozen one that ain’t squeezed in a can! Maybe more difficult to prepare and you have to make the schmaltz and broth yourself but it would be far more delicious than the pictured one in the above link…


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