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My Toshiba Satellite 5200…

Believe it or not: Usually, Noteboos are supposed to be outlived by their data storages (HDD).
In my case the good old notebook (now 8 years old!) has outlived the second HDD!
Now installed WinXP new from scratch and typing this blog entry by now.
Sad but true that the f***ed HDD was a Samsung HDD which are usually known as being very

reliable… however not in my case.

Initially I thought, that the notebook itself has now gone to heaven (considering 8 years being a very long time for computer hardware) but it still works and it is interesting how fast a freshly installed XP still can be…

Time to put the old girl back on my desk as Visitor notebook while I switched the P300 as my primary media notebook (let alone of being migrated to Win7).

You’ll always learn more upon your hardware by time…

P.S.: The replaced HDD is now a WD HDD since these fellas never left me alone in my past time! (the oldest one (built May 2001) sounds like an old washing machine yet delivers the data reliably!)

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