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Kioxia presenting large SSDs

Kioxia goes Datacenter SSD. Kioxia which has been
founded out of the Toshiba Memory Europe company
has set the next step for large data center disks with
enormous transfer speeds.

With up to 30.72TB the largest disk is still housed in a 2.5 inch enclosure at 15mm height, equipped with a PCIe4.0 connector.

This allows read speeds of up to 6.9GB/s and write speeds of 4.2GB/s.

the smaller CM6 disk with size up to 15.36TB “only” writes at 3.9GB/s and reads data with 6.2GB/s which is still blazing fast.

Anyway these disks are products for professional use in data centers and enterprises and not for the home user. Thus prices for these two disks aren’t published (yet) and most likely will easily bypass the 10.000US$ mark.

So if you thought you can snatch a large-size SSD for a reasonable price, you’re out of luck here. We doubt that a conventional PC would be able to handle these disks without trouble anyways.

However it shows how much storage can be placed inside a 2.5 inch enclosure and who knows, maybe there will be a large-size SSD for the home user at a reasonable price tag as well.

Currently the largest SSDs available in conventional 2.5 inch format we could find, is the Samsung PM1643b with 30.72TB capacity and a whopping price of over 8000US$. For the consumer there’s the 3.84TB Micron 5210 ION SSD which is sold for roughly 450 US$. However this is QLC memory and thus it’s reliability might be… mediocre.

The conventional disks are 4TB in size with SATA as a connector standard. Their price ranges from 300 to 400 US$ depending on the memory type used. SLC and MLC are usually more expensive compared to TLC and QLC disks.


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