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AirBNB promoting noise monitors

In the USA, AirBNB is currently promoting noise
sensors that monitor loud noises and give land-
lords the ability of being notified in case tenants
are having a party or producing too much noise.

The sonsors are based upon IoT technology and are battery-driven. Once connected to the local WLAN, these sensors detect noise and if the noise passes a certain treshold, the landlord gets notified on his/her smartphone.

Although there’s not much known if sound samples are audible to determine the type of noise produced (a party generates noise from music or excessive loud talking) it’s questionable if the privacy of tenants isn’t breached using this kind of technology.

AirBNB sees no harm in this technology promoting the sensors with big rebates.

Nonetheless we would feel troubled if we knew this technology being used in a room we’ve rented via AirBNB.

We think, AirBNB should be held responsible to publicly mark rooms and/or landlords making use of noise monitors so that tenants can decide whether to rent a room or not.

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