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Paypal accounts misused

Using Paypal in conjunction with GooglePay? Then you
should pay more attention to all your transactions now!
A greater scam wave is currently hitting users of PayPal
and GooglePay showing transactions from Target.

Target is a market chain in the USA and it seems that a lot of transactions which weren’t authorized by the original account owner have been made. These transactions even were authorized when using 2FA which means that Paypal isn’t fully checking the validity of the 2FA token at all.

Affected users have reported that they haven’t authorized the payments via 2FA yet they have been charged for the transactions/purchases.

When contacting Google and confronting them with the unauthorized payments, Google refers to Paypal as they cannot see the (internally) made payments with paypal.

This mostly seems to affect users in Europe.

Best thing you can do is to deny these transactions as soon as possible and unlink GooglePay from Paypal for now. Furthermore affected users should file a fraud complaint with local authorities!

The question is, however, how the 2FA could have been bypassed…

This makes us think a lot as it means 2FA is not as secure as it is officially advertised!

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