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GeForce Now losing Bethesda

It’s no good times for NVidia at the moment. Right after
the ending of the Beta phase of GeForce Now it seems
as if the next big partner turns his back on NVidia. The
loss of Bethesda as a big game publisher is harsh.

It means that some great titles are no longer playable using NVidia’s game streaming platform. First, Activision has announced to end their cooperation with NVidia and disallows NVidia to stream any Activision/Blizzard title vie GeForce Now. With Bethesda, it means NVidia is again losing a lot of games from their streamable game library. Why Wolfenstein – Youngblood is not drawn from the library is unclear. There’s no clear statement from NVidia.

Why Google Stadia isn’t affected from such policies, is obvious: While you have to purchase a separate usage licence for Google Stadia, GeForce Now allows you to stream the game with your existing licence you have bought for your local PC. Thus said game companies do not earn twice with the same game. And another fact is the “user experience program” that comes with their launchers. In the background there’s a lot of data collected in the background to analyze what customers miht prefer in the fuure. Valuable data which could not be gathered if a game is streamed.

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