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MS Surface 3 Laptop screen crack

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is the current flagship
laptop product of Microsoft, comparable to the Apple
MacBook Pro. Recent reports show, however, that the
screen appears tobe extremely sensible and easily cracks

A user in Australia has contacted Microsoft Help Forum to ask what the reason could be. It seems as if he’s not alone with his problem, yet Microsoft seems to refuse the repair of the damage which is not the result of improper device usage:

The screen has a hairline crack even though there’s no physical damage visible at the side of the screen and the user also says that he’s treating his Surcafe Laptop 3 like fine china. So what’s the reason for the screen to crack so easily? Maybe improper mounting into the housing or other shearing powers that puts the thin glass to unwanted stress thus forcing it to crack like that?

So far, Microsoft has not yet put deeper effort into research of this phenomenon however for a 2500 US$ product, this should not happen. Imagine that would happen with an Apple MacBook Pro of the same price line. There would be Apple Bashing like hell!

So Microsoft should go for a quick and reliable customer satisfaction and repair this kind of damage at no cost as it seems to be a production fault.

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