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What 4K video upscaling can do

Ever wondered what an old movie from before 1900 would
look like if they had 4K technology already? Well, a multimedia
studio has restored a shortfilm from 1896 of the Lumière
Brothers that has been aired in 1897 in the public.

To have a comparison, this is the original film:

The film has a 640×480 max resolution at approx 15 frames per second.

Clearly visible the unavoidable dust an scratches from the old mechanics.

And this is the restored and upscaled version (up to 4K available on YouTube):

With much more modern technology not only were the dust and scratches remnoved but
also was the fil upscaled to 4K and 60fps (3K60p due to limitations of the videoplayer here)

If you want to see the film in 4K60p full resolution, then you might want to visit the
following YouTube link:

Although the result looks stunning, the charme of the historical film with its dust and
scratches are authentic for their times. Interesting though that the original film had a music
part playing while the restored film appears to have the actual audio scenery. We compared
many versions online that claim to be the original but all of them did have music in them.
So we wonder if the restored film’s audio part was also sort of re-created for the film.

Indeed it’s impressive what technology today can do… especially if neurnal networks with AI
technology is applied. The software used for upscaling is Gigapixel AI from Topaz Software.

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