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Superlatives: Rope cranes

Have you always wondered what the largest cranes in the
world look like and how high they are? Today we present
you the 5 biggest of them. Either used to set up smaller
construction cranes or for heavyweight lifting tasks

Telescope cranes are well-known and commonly seen where construction takes place. But have you ever wondered how large cranes are set up before construction can start? Well, for heavyweight tasks, even bigger cranes are used.

Let’s have a look at the 5 biggest of them including some tech specs.

5th place: Terex Demag CC 6800-1
204m height / 1250 tonnes lift capacity


The 5th largest crane is already a giant. 204 metres tall and with a lift capacity of 1250 tonnes (base) / 216t (full extension) this crane can already be considered as a mammoth in the crane industry. Capable of even constructing tall buildings without the need of a supporting framework, this crane may easily lift completely-assembled building parts and even steel-construction bridges.

  • Width: 11.0m
  • Length: 12.3m
  • Movement unit height: 2.6m
  • Crane height: 204.0m
  • Total weight: 560 tonnes (with 170 tonnes counterweight)
  • lift capacity: 1250 tonnes (base) / 216 tonnes (full extension)
  • Movement speed: 1.1kmph (30cm/s)

It is a bit taller than the Intempo building in Benidorm (Spain) (200m):

4th place: Liebherr LR 11000
220m height / 1000 tonnes lift capacity


Used to erect tall buildings and wind power plants with rotor size of up to 100m, this 220m beast is used for various construction scenarios where height and lift capacity is crucial. Due to it’s unique boom design, it can lift tall structure parts with heavy weight over 300 tonnes at 120m height and 8 degrees azimuth. Even with it’s full extension to 220m it can lift up to 168 tonnes and thus outwitting number 5 in our list.

  • Width: 11.2m
  • Length: 12.5m
  • Movement unit height: 2.5m
  • Crane height: 220.0m
  • Total weight: 630 tonnes (with 185 tonnes counterweight)
  • lift capacity: 1000 tonnes (base) / 168 tonnes (full extension)
  • Movement speed: 1.36kmph (38cm/s)

It’s height can be compared to the DC Tower 1 in Vienna (Austria) (220m):

3rd place: Terex Demag CC 8800-1 Twin
234m height / 3200 tonnes lift capacity


This monstrosity of a crane is built to lift massive weights into extreme heights. With it’s twin boom design it can be used to lift wideload heavyweight parts and is mostly used for complete bridge lits to be held in place during construction and mounting. It’s 3200 tonnes maximum lift capacity is unmatched although it’s height is “only” sufficient for rank 3 in this list.

  • Width: 12.2m
  • Length: 14.4m
  • Movement unit height: 3.1m
  • Crane height: 234.0m
  • Total weight: 900 tonnes (with 640 tonnes counterweight)
  • lift capacity: 3200 tonnes (base) / 92 tonnes (full extension)
  • Movement speed: 0.8kmph (25cm/s)

It’s height can be compared to the One Canada Square in London (UK) (235m):

2nd place: Terex-Demag CC 8800-1
240m height / 1600 tonnes lift capacity


The same company holds rank 2 with it’s single-configured CC 8800 which adds another 6 metres height to it’s tallness. The caveat is that it cannot lift as much weight as it’s twin-configured counterpart yet 1600 tonnes is still a massive weight capacity to be lifted.

  • Width: 12.2m
  • Length: 14.4m
  • Movement unit height: 3.1m
  • Crane height: 240.0m
  • Total weight: 720 tonnes (with 560 tonnes counterweight)
  • lift capacity: 1600 tonnes (base) / 162 tonnes (full extension)
  • Movement speed: 0.8kmph (25cm/s)

It’s height can be compared to the Lomonossow-University in Mosow (Russia) (240m):

1st place: Liebherr LR 13000

Let’s get to the enchilada! The master of them all. This crane is by far the largest one currently available and it’s built to lift massive loads into extreme heights:


Ever seen a crane lifting the smaller descendants of it’s own? Neither did we!

Used to do heavy construction even on extremely inaccessible terrain, this crane has massive load capacities and can lift even with a single configuration up to 3000 tonnes which makes it the strongest and tallest single-boom crane as of February 2020! even in heights of over 170m, the maximum load is over 150 tonnes which makes it the perfect tall-heavy-load building machine.

  • Width: 16.4m
  • Length: 21.9m
  • Movement unit height: 3.8m
  • Crane height: 245.0m
  • Total weight: 1500 tonnes (with 900 tonnes counterweight)
  • lift capacity: 3000 tonnes (base) / 162 tonnes (full extension)
  • Movement speed: 0.8kmph (25cm/s)

It’s height can be compared to the OKO Tower in Moscow (Russia) (245m):

What gigantic machinery we have and what is used in today’s heavy-weight construction. Simply impressive and compared to the buildings you can only imagine how big these machines are when you stand next to them!

Oh and interesting fact besides: Both crane manufacturers are located in Germany!

The added PDFs are for those who are really into tech specs including the angle-height-load tables and detailed specifications. Mostly it’s the manufacturer’s brochure outlining their product but it happens to contain all the necessary information to be extracted for this post’s content.

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