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Samsung’s new foldable smartphone

Samsung did it again. Unveiling the Galaxy Z Flip, it is
their second phone that has a touch surface that can
be folded. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold with it’s
large screen and vertical folding, the Z Flip is different.

The screen, for example, is no longer covered by a thin plastic coated OLED display but rather uses the all-new patented Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) surface. This means the display surface is less prone to damages due to display punctures and sharp bends. The Ultrathin glass has a hardness of at least 4 on Moh’s scale yet being benadable without scattering.

Otherwise than that, there a 6.7 inch display with an FHD+ resolution (2636×1080) which allows FHD content to be displayed in native resolution. With that, the display reaches an actual ppi resolution of 432ppi.

The front display is a smaller OLED display with 1.1 inch diameter covering a resolution of 300×112 pixels which is sufficient for small status messages and/or a clock (possibly with date). it’s ppi resolution is 303ppi and thus a bit larger than the inner display. yet 303ppi is sufficient to let pixels vanish and hardly be visible if you’re not very close to the display or looking at it through a magnifying glass.

While the folding hinge of the Galaxy Fold was one of the most sensitive parts and prone to damages, Samsung has given the folding mechanism an overhaul and calls it the “Hideaway Hinge” which lets one suggest that it is more resistant to dirt and other small parts that could go beyond the hinge and thus also the OLED display. The Galaxy Fold had exactly this problem in it’s initial release and the overhaul only made it a bit more resistant yet there were gaps where dirt could get beyond the display and into the complex hinge mechanism, causing this one to fail.

Interesting will be how durable the folding mechanism in the Galaxy Z Flip will be. A video of CNet has shown the team testing the Galaxy Fold to be durable for about 120’000 fold processes until the hinge went bang. See the shortened version here or the full 12h stream here. (Sorry, we’re not hosting a backup of that video as it would eat up our web storage! So if the videos are no longer available then they’re gone! Thanks for your understanding!)

While 120K folds in normal condition would mean at least a few years (usually one would fold this thingy about 40-60 times a day). So you can expect an average durability of 2000 to 3000 days which equals 5 to 8 years until the hinge fails. Frankly said we think that the display fails earlier than the hinge.

With the new Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) this could be interesting as glass always is a factor for shattering if bent too much or too strong. So another durability test of the Galaxy Z Flip will probably show how solid the Hideaway Hinge mechanism is, when stress-tested.

So let’s have a look at the Tech specs which we’re not going to write out here as Samsung already made a good, comprehensive factsheet already:



Speaking about the price, the price tag will be around 1600 USD or 1480 EUR which would be around 1680 CHF. So this phone is no bargain either as it matches up with the most-expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max configuration already. However the top configuration of the 11 Pro Max comes with a whopping 512GB of storage. Double as what the Z Flip will offer!

What we do like indeed is the fact that the display of the Galaxy Z Fold has a true FHD resolution thus making video rescaling obsolete. A thing where the Galaxy fold has suffered from due to it’s rather in-ordinary square screen aspect ratio.

So let’s see when first hardware tests will be released and how that gadget will perform against the competitors.

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