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LG shows 4mm-thin 55″ OLED TV on CES

It seems as if LG wants to bring new excitement into homecineasts’ homes
At least the newest addition of LG will let the hearts of many of us beat faster:
With a diamenter of 55 inches, a thicknes of only 4mm and a weight of about
15lbs (7.5 kg) the TV sets new records.

Not only being the lightest and biggest OLED TV but also being the first TV to have a real short distance to the wall, it let’s you individually design your home as there’s no bulky TV set that limits you to TV racks or heavy-duty holders that keeps your TV on the wall. However it is not sure when this TV will be available to the global market as the CES TV models are mostly for research and forecast purposes only to show the people. Maybe we can expect these TVs to be purchaseable for resobanble prices in Q2 2013…

looking sexy… undoubtable…

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