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Perfectly edged the AI…

Today I thought: Would it be possible to push the AI back into the utmost
edge field of a chessboard while maintaining 3 Queens and 8 Rooks?
Just for aesthetic reasons? I played almost 30 rounds to find out!
Mostly I ran into stalemate or checkmated it before my goal!

However in one Match I took it’s Queen really early in the game what made it much easier not to loose any pawn or other figure.
Especially for my goal it is crucial not to loose any!
Finally when I stripped the AI down to it’s bare King, it was only a matter of moves to convert my pawns into Rooks and two additional Queens. The rest was some push&Move action. And some thinking on how to bring the AI’s King to the edge on where I intended to finish it finally by moving back my Knight from H3 to G1…

This is the (wanted) result:

Couldn’t laugh more: I got my surprise egg: AI completely stalled (no free field to move ANYWHERE on the chessboard), stalled in the edge of the board (H8) AND put up my desired Board layout for the figures.

The board layout looks so virgin… As if I haven’t moved any of my figures… (the only figure not moved, was the King – just in case you wonder yourself)

3-in-1 game as I would call it!

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