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How theme parks get negative attention

If you thought, you’ve seen it all, think again. A theme
park in the south of China has opened a new attraction
(Bungee jumping tower, 70m height). To open the tower
officially, they decided for a rather doubtful event.

According to the following video, a pig has been equipped with a cape and then brought up to the jumping platform.

As the pig would not have gone up there by it’s own, it has been tied up and brought up by two park employees.

Although the pig survived the jumping, the stress of the pig must have been enormous.

Environmentalists started a shit storm against the theme park owners.

Later that day, the official statement of the park owner was an official apology to the public if the show was irritating and causing odd feelings to environmentalists and animal welfarists.

Although the pig might have survived the unvolutary bunge jump, it was already doomed for an ending at the slaughterhouse.

Nevertheless it’s no excuse to force an animal to perform things it simply doesn’t want to do eventhough it might look funny.

Just a few days ago, a similar new hit the internet where a participant of a wedding in South America was throwing a sheep for grill into the owner’s pool where the marriage took place. The joke was not well conceived by most of the party guests and considered tasteless!

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