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The WEF, the CO2 and other problems

The WEF is currently taking place in Davos, Switzerland.
Despite the media presence of some persons the main
topic will be again how to save the climate and how to
reduce the ecolgical footprint of each of us.

As Greta Thunberg (17) has already stated, we will have to think about methods on how to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. As more and more area of forest is being chopped down or burnt down to make room for high-efficiency farming, more and more possibilities of reducing CO2 are also being taken down.

But not only Greta is going to tell about the climate changes that follow upon our wasteful living style. Greenpeace CEO Jennifer Morgan states that it’s just not enough to just plant a billion trees. Also the investments in fossile energy carriers such as coal, oil and the like should be stopped and invested into regenerative energy sources, like wind, water and air.

A good progress in geothermalenergy production however can be reported. the number of sites for geothermal energy production not causing trouble (earthquakes, geological impact) has grown. But there are also improvements in aerial power generation using more modern wind power plants. and there are also experiments ongoing to use ocean current as an energy source. However here it’ll be necessary to do further investigation as the power yield compared to the needed effort is still too low.

Fusion energy could be a game changer here nut the main problem is that the built reactors cannot harness enough energy in order to run flawlessy without demanding more power than they generate. It would need a way bigger core (about 40m in diameter) which needs one initial ignition using massive energy amounts so that this reactor can run on it’s own energy. But such large reactors have not yet been planned nor are they in construction anywhere. This might at least need another 15-30 years of research and investigation in order to consider fusion energy as stable and reliable energy source. But once they are ready for energy production, they might make a lot of coal, nuclear, oil and gas power plants obsolete.

About other topics such as how to make life for all kinds of economical levels better, there are no concrete proposals done yet. The problem that the richer get more rich and the poorer the more poor still exists and there’s no idea on how to resolve this problem.

But if the climate footprint shall change, then it would also need the help of rich countries to finace poor countries to invest into more environmentally friendly technology. For example India has a lot of people to take care for and they have rather stone-aged production facilities. The result is that India is in the top 3 of CO2 producers (among China and USA!), followed by Russia, Japan and Germany.

This chart represents the CO2 emission by country:

China has an alarmingly strong increase in CO2 production since 2000 while USA, EU28 and Russia have a drecrease with the EU28 being the most efficient. The other countries represent EMEA, Canada and Africa which also shows a dramatic increase of CO2 emission!

A look at the per-capita CO2 emission (figures from 2017)  shows:

It’s not necessarily India or China who produce the most CO2 pollution if compared to the per-capita prduction. It’s mostly modern countries who seem to have a high per-capita ecological footprint. Like USA, Australia(!) and Canada. Even Countries like VAE and Ukraine are producing a lot of CO2 per capita.

The following chart however shows another view (using 2016 figures):

It is clear where we have to start off in order to achieve the CO2 emission goal proposed by a lot of environment development researchers. Numbers that are also reflected by Greta.

Although it seems a recurring thing, we should make it clear to each one of us: If we continue like that, we will definitely have a bad climate change and even if it does not affect our generation, our successors will definitely feel the impact of our life today!

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