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Apple being the 5G supplier for USA?

5G was always a difficult thing for the USA. While
Huawei is being locked out as a supplier for 5G
despite bing the world leader in 5G technology,
Trump sees Apple in charge to take this part.

The decision might not be unsurprising as Apple has all the technology for being a 5G network provider according to Trump. Even though they’re not yet shipping 5G-capable hardware.

Trump had a thorough discussion with Cook also about the setup of a new billion-weighing campus in Texas where 5G technology could be investigated and hardware be built soon.

Trump’s original statement was: “They have everything – money, visions and Cook!!!”

The decision behind this is to keep out Huawei and have a U.S. company build the infrastructure around 5G.

America first – once again…

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