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Samsung galaxy S11 – a loser?

The Galaxy S10 and the Note10 are the current
flagship cell phones of Samsung and they’re
providing good numbers in various benchmarks.
So should the S11, being leaked recently…

However the first results speak another language.

While the S10 and Note score abouve 700 points in single-core benchmark of Geekbench, the S11 happens to lose big time here scoring just a bit more than 400 points here. And also the multicore score doesn’t look good either. And all this with a whopping 12GB RAM.

For a phone this is just ridiculous.

We recall: The iPone 10S Max has just 4GB of RAM and scores in both single and multicore higher than the S11

The iPhone 11 with it’s 6GB of RAM scores 1337 (singlecore) and 3552 (multicore).

So why does the Samsung Galaxy S11 (codename G986B) just score 427 (singlecore) and 2326 (multicore)?

Okay, the iPhone SOC is clocked at 2.66GHz while the Exynos 9830 just clocks at 1.95GHz. But that leaves us with another question: Why is the Exynos 9830 clocked so low? Thermal issues? TDP too high?

Samsung will definitely have to do better if they want to sell the S11 and make it the “better alternative” to the iPhone 11 Pro Max which is the current leader in singlecore tests and in Multicore tests,t he actual iPad Pro is dominating.

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