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Project JEDI: Amazon vs. Microsoft

Cloud services have become a profitable sector
in IT services in general. That’s why Google,
Amazon and Microsoft have invested massive
amounts of money to build up a massive cloud.

By now, Google and Amazon dominate the cloud services business while Microsoft Azure still has problems getting it’s Azure Cloud set foot in the global market.

Now there’s another setback for Amazon and Google. The Project JEDI from the Pentagon has been given to Microsoft. While Google has not yet complained about the project being assigned to Microsoft, Amazon sees injustice in this and already filed a complaint against the project assignment. They accuse the Pentagon favorizing Microsoft for various reasons, being the political influence of Microsoft the main reason.

While Amazon is now filing a lawsuit against the decision that favors Microsoft, the Pentagon clearly states that the project has been assigned correctly under the given circumstances.

Expert analysts have expected that Amazon would lodge an appeal against this decision.

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