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Libra sued for copying off Brydge

The iPad Pro is indeed the smaller version of a MacBook. And thus
it’s obvious that there may be useful gadgets for it like keyboards!
In this case, Libra sets a new high for what’s possible, especially with
iOS13 being released with its new features and OS capabilities.

While Brydge has a keyboard in it’s portfolio that indeed protects the iPad Pro efficiently, the fact is that it costs 169 US$ and is nowhere available outside the U.S. – Libra has started a kickstarter campaign plotting out a keyboard with clamshell hinges that look similar to those used by Brydge. While this might be the only thing to rectify a lawsuit against Libra, the other specs however lever Libra above Brydge. So does the keybaord feature a 4000 mAh battery inside along with two USB-C ports and an RGB-backlit keyboard so that you can decide yourself in what color the keys are being illuminated. The rest is also an Aluminum body and the classic keyboard design. But… and this is indeed spectacular… there’s also a trackpad you might find come in handy when it comes to precise operation in pointer-assisted operations and you don’t have an apple pencil at hand. but even with the pencil at hand it might be just more comfortable to Point & click using the bulitin trackpad. As iPad OS 13 also offers the activation of a pointer, there are indeed new possibilities for the user.

The reason for Brydge to sue Sentis (the company behind Libra) is that Brydge also has experimented with trackpads in the iPad keyboards for some time and plans to release them in Q1 2020 as the Brydge Pro.

So is it wise to support the Libra kicstarter project while facing lawsuit actions and thus being prone to be withdrawn from sale?

We’ll see. But if Brydge does indeed win that lawsuit, then they’d better ship their keyboards worldwide as well. Otherwise Sentis should look for good assistance in China and have their keyboards shipped via sale platforms like Ali Express & Co.

Personally I wonder what Brydge will do now. Will they copy off the additional things and implement them by theirselves after having sued away Sentis?

Well… only time will tell!

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