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Johnson&Johnson sued for $8 billion

We all know that lawsuits with ridiculously high sums are
common in the USA, especially when it comes to lawsuits
against non-american companies. But in this case a lawsuit
filed against Johnson&Johnson is getting our attention.

The plaintiff is Nicholas Murray who set the lawsuit against the company in 2013 stating that he grew woman-like breasts while taking the anti-psycotic drug “Risperdal” when being a boy. It seems as if Johnson&Johnson is faced with more than 10.000 similar lawsuits about similar drugs that had unwanted side effects to those who took them.

A Philadelphia jury on Tuesday hit Johnson&Johnson with an $8 billion(!) verdict over its marketing of the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, siding with Nicholas Murray from Maryland who argued that the healthcare giant downplayed risks that the drug could lead to breast growth in men.

Not only is this the highest lawsuit sum ever spoken out against a company in the USA but also the highest sum in favor for one person. Since this sum is ridiculous and totally unrational, Johnson&Johnson already stated that they will definitely fight the verdict with all possible remedy.

The lawsuit further declares: The plaintiff said that he grew breasts — a side-effect known as gynecomastia — when he started using Risperdal in 2003 to treat symptoms of autism. At that time the plaintiff was aged 9 and thus a boy. Probably the drug had a stronger impact on young males than on adult males. The lawsuit accused Janssen of failing to warn doctors about Risperdal’s risks while improperly marketing it as a treatment for certain mental health disorders in children.

This is the statement of the plaintiff’s lawyers (Mr. Kline and Jason Itkin):

“This jury resoundingly told Johnson & Johnson that its actions were deliberate and malicious. The conduct that the jury saw in the courtroom was clear and convincing that J&J disregarded the safety of the most vulnerable of children. This is an important moment, not only for this litigation, but for J&J, which is a company that has lost its way.”


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