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DXOMark and the iPhone 11 series

Most likely you all have wondered why DXOMark has not yet
released any review about the iPhone 11 series yet. The official
statement is that Deep Fusion, a technology that helps impro-
ving the image quality even further is not yet available.

Deep Fusion will become available with iOS13.2 which is not yet released. But when it will be released, DXOMark will do the full review on all iPhone 11 models. So far initial reviews have been promising and it seems as if the iPhone 11 will definitely shake the stool the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is standing on to defend the crown of the smartphone cameras.

Deep Fusion is a technology which takes 4 shots in advance to the real shot and afterwards takes another 5 shots. When all has taken place, the A13 CPU is merging all 9 pictures and takes the optimum results together for an astounding photo quality. If that works as designed, will be shown once DXOMark has tested that feature with the release of iOS13.2

iOS13.2 is expected to be released in late October, early November this year. The public beta however has already been released for testing.

It will definitely be challenging to the current flagship phones and shuffle the cards anew. Let’s see how Huawei and Samsung are about to deal with Apple’s newest camera technology in conjunction with the A13 CPU.

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