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Facebook improving Encryption

It seems as if Facebook has finally recognized the
importance of data security. Facebook has announced
to take serious steps to improve data security by impro-
ving the encryption in Messenger and WhatsApp.

For now the encryption of chats in Messenger and WhatsApp is only realized on Facebook’s servers while the transfer from one to the other device is still unencrypted allowing governmental facilities to tap the communication inbetween. With the next-step encryption, Facebook is undergoing a severe reorganization of their encryption scheme and thus employing real End-2-End encryption. Of course this is something the governmental facilities fear as they would be locked out from tapping communication between potential criminals using one of the above services.

Facebook however sees it’s importance going away as users begin to change to real-safe communication services, like Threema, Telegram Messenger and other messenger services that use real End-2-End encryption making communication way safer.

In the beginning of Octover, the USA, UK and Australia have demanded Facebook to implement a backdoor in the communication so that their governmental facilities will still be able to tap communication despite full encryption. They say it’s for the prevention of sexual harrassment of children or to prevent children from being abused negatively in general.

But where there’s a backdoor there’s also thieves to use that backdoor. So what would an encryption be worth if there’s a backdoor which is a potential safety leak in general?

Facebook however has not took a statement on the demands of the three major countries demanding this backdoor and there’s also no official plan when the improved encryption will take effect.

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