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Xmas a-knocking, PC market a-sleeping!

So although xmas is around the corner lurking for people
to buy presents for their beloved ones, it seems as there’s
nothing special on the computer market which makes you
voluntarily open your purse. Apple has new gadgets, yes…

But it cannot be only Apple who brings out gadgets you might wanna have. Plus, also Apple has just done a refurb of their existing product line.

These are the iPhone XS (Max), the Apple Watch Gen4, the iPad Pro 2018 and the updated Mac Book Air.

But most of you already own at least one of the products mentioned above (maybe the previous generation of it) and thus there’s no need to update. Luckily Apple devices are still built to last a while but with the raising prices and the demand from stock shareholders to get even bigger dividends, it’s just a question of time when also Apple will consider producing less stable products or products that are in need of constant replacement just to please the stock shareholders.

Speaking of that, the Apple shares have fallen back to “just” 918 billion US$ market capacity. So Apple isn’t the Trillion dollar company anymore.

So anyways. Has anyone of you already found a good gift for your beloved ones? I guess many of you are still seeking out for the perfect gift. And even with the “Black Friday” areound the corner I suppose things won’t change that much. This year’smain presents might be from the HiFi section, such as 4K TV, High-End 9.2 Multichannel sound amplifiers and the like. This section had the most changes in 2018 and rectify an update to the home cinema.

But IT wise, there’s just nothing special that makes one “Wow” and fork over thousands of dollars for new hardware.

So while 2018 is almost over, let’s see what 2019 has prepared for the tech-savvy computer guys like us.

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