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iFixit goes Europe

IFixit_new_logo_bumpitiFixit has now found it’s way to Europe. This option now allows European
residents to order iFixit’s tools to repair devices like the ones from Apple
or common gadgets like gaming consoles and all the stuff. So you’ll no
longer have to worry about taxes and overseas mail.

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, iFixit has selected a relatively central site to ship their tools into whole Europe. Today I placed an order for a professional tool set. Let’s see, how long it’ll take to arrive.

Earlier this year I ordered some spare parts for repairing my iPhone 4. Had to change the Home button and the battery pack. Let’s see if the european mail service beats the 30 days waiting time I had to pass to receive my spareparts from USA. Oh and did I mention that my ordered parts valued US$42, have cost me 93 CHF at last? There were 36 US$ shipping fees and 27 CHF VAT afterwards.

So ordering off the shop in Germany now is more convenient as the shop excludes the german VAT upon ordering and delivery to Switzerland. A total order bill of 56.83 €+17.90 Mailing fees came to €73.83. So let’s see, how much the VAT is to calculate the total.

Visit their store here: and if you need instructions on how to (dis)assemble your gadget, give a try!

Stay tuned!

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