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WB being sued for copyright infringement

justitia_freiFor once it is not a private person being sued by the big media labels for
copyright infringement such as illegally downloading movies or music.
This lawsuit is about Warner Brothers being sued for using the “Nyan
Cat” and “Keyboard Cat” trademarks in the Scribblenauts game!

According to the lawsuit script, The trademark owner Charles Schmidt sues WB for using the Keyboard Cat ingame without prior notice and any contact of WB offering licensing options.

The same is valid for Orlando Torres who is suing WB for using the Nyan Cat animation ingame. Also without prior notice and option of licensing.

So for once, WB has to bite the bullet and take place where they usually put private persons to. Maybe this will Warner Brothers bring back to normality and not sue ANYONE for every tiny crap.

Although the named trademarks are rather fun and sort of ridiculous, I find that WB has to taste it’s own medicine!

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