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SABAM suing three ISPs in Belgium!

justitia_freiAlthough copyright infringement isn’t okay, the current lawsuit, SABAM
(Société d’Auteurs Belge – Belgische Auteurs Maatschappij) is set
against Belgacom, Telenet and Voo. SABAM underlines that the named ISPs
are responsible for the reducing income of media sales.

As the internet allows to store/download and share media easily without big usage of CD, DVD and the like, SABAM declares to get 3.4 percent sales share of the ISPs incomes to straighten out the “losses” the sued ISPs are causing with their internet access.

What sounds like a ridiculous lawsuit could still become a worrying situation. As soon as the copyright managment companies (GEMA, SABAM, MPAA, RIAA and all others) see their profits melt down, they want to cover their losses by sleeping over the technical improvement and make the customers pay, no matter if they’re affected or not. This is some sort of tax and thus has nothing to do anymore with free customer delight and what the customer actually wants and consumes.

Sorry, you copyright munchers: Either you start hearing your customers and what they want or get lost in the future. If you only gobble your customers’ pockets without delivering any REAL value, you’ll make your potential customers seek for new ways to evade your coerced tax models by any means!

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