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The Box – Probably a must-see?

videoWhen it comes to SciFi and good thrillers, one can catch my attention fast.
In this case, a good friend of mine has pulled my attention showing me a
trailer about a little device with only one button. But pushing this button
has a far-reaching consequence. The Apple and the snake.

The Apple: 1’000’000 dollars, the snake: tempting but warning that the button pushed will let an individual, the one who pushes the button doesn’t know, die.

So: Play god and take a million or forget about prosperity but have a clear conscience?

To not talk about it too much, watch the trailer here:

Although the story has already been set up as a short movie, called Button. Button in the early 80’s, the plot of The Box is very tempting and thrilling.

See the short movie here to get an idea of what “The Box” is:

Both films are based upon a short story written by Richard Matheson

Another video with similar story:

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